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Anna Franklin

After working as an associate in various different chiropractic clinics, Anna established the Godalming Chiropractic Clinic, where she worked for 15 years. However, she lives locally and since the birth of her 2 children, she prefers to work within her own community from the Twin Oaks Medical Centre. She finished a post-graduate Clinical Masters Degree in 1999, alongside full-time clinical practice, and was made a Fellow of the Royal College Of Chiropractors and a Fellow of the Faculty of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation.

For her Master’s Degree, Anna wrote a dissertation on exercise compliance with different types of exercises prescribed for chronic low back pain sufferers. This research was based on an extensive trial involving her own patients, and led to her special interest in the rehabilitation of chronic low back and neck pain. During this time, she also published a paper in the European Journal of Chiropractic concerning a case study of osteomyelitis in the cervical spine (infection of the vertebrae of the neck)


Anna teaches rehabilitative exercise with a view to improving the chronic pain patient’s quality of life and enabling them to return to leisure activities and work. After individual assessment and diagnosis, a decision will be made with the patient such that a suitable and practicable plan of management may be prescribed. She is experienced in prescribing exercise, from athletes to post-surgical patients, so your programme will suit you, your condition and your goals.

Anna was an External Examiner for the AECC University College for 5 years, and has therefore been involved with maintaining the high standards of clinical excellence expected in this country.

For the past decade, she has taught as  a Senior Clinic Tutor at the University, supervising the final year students in their last year of study in the student teaching clinic. However, she is a clinician at heart, and as from September 2019, will be returning to Bransgore full-time to care for her patients here.

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