Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Patients

Did you know …

Hypnotherapy is used to help patients suffering from chronic pain conditions?

Changing the brain changes the pain

Pain is defined as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage”.

But did you know that when it comes to chronic pain, levels of perceived pain do not necessarily correlate to tissue damage.


Hypnotherapy works with the brain to help you to manage your pain to improve your well-being.


If you have a chronic pain condition, you might benefit from a psychological approach and which  would complement your chiropractic treatment.

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based approach using cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming methods to help you live the life you want to.


Correcting a few misconceptions

  • You will not be unconscious – just very relaxed.


  • You can come out of your relaxed state at any time and will not be left in a trance.


  • You are always in control of what you say or do.


  • The hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you do not want to do.


  • The best patients are intelligent and imaginative – not weak minded or gullible!



It’s a risk free talking therapy that has been used for hundreds of years.

How does hypnotherapy work with pain?

It is the subconscious part of your that brain decides whether a sensation is painful or not. In cases of acute injury this is very useful but there are circumstances when the memory of pain becomes so overwhelming it goes on to interfere with life long after that usefulness has served its purpose. 


But the brain is not a fixed unmoving unit; it is constantly changing and learning.  Have you noticed that your pain is less intrusive when you are happy and relaxed? How the more you focus on your pain the more intense it seems? Or even how sometimes the very thought of doing something triggers your pain? This is very common and shows how the brain can ‘turn’ the pain up or down.


Everything we think affects the way we feel, and the way we feel affects the way we behave and this in turn affects how we feel and so on.


This is where hypnotherapy can help, changing the way you think to actually to change the how you feel in the most positive way for you.

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session

Everybody is unique and different so your hypnotherapist will ask you about your pain and how it affects your life so that they can understand how things are exactly for you.


Over several sessions Anna will use relaxation techniques to access your subconscious to support changing the way you manage pain. While the hypnotherapist talks to you, you will still be aware of things going on around you.


Treatment sessions focus on enabling you to change the way you think, to give you more control over you body thereby helping you realize your full potential.

Anna may use hypnotherapy with you to help control your pain, but also offers this service to help with phobias, exam stress, self-esteem issues, anxiety/depression and so on. If you would like to ask her about your issues before making an appointment, please do leave he a message on 01425 672741 or email on bransgorechiro@gmail.com. If you telephone for an appointment, please do make the receptionist aware that it is for hypnotherapy, such that an hour long session will be scheduled.