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Anna is a certified hypnotherapist and may use hypnotherapy with you to help
control your pain, but also offers this service to help with phobias, exam
stress, self-esteem issues, sleep disorders, anxiety/depression and so on.
If you would like to ask her about your issues before making an appointment,
please do leave her a message on 01425 563330 or email her directly


Anna likes to know whether you are booking in for hypnotherapy or
chiropractic treatment, so would ask that you do not book in without contacting

her first.



Correcting a few misconceptions


 You will not be unconscious – just very relaxed.
You can come out of your relaxed state at any time and will not be left in a
You are always in control of what you say or do.
A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you do not want to do.
The best patients are intelligent and imaginative – not weak minded or


What to expect in a hypnotherapy session



Everybody is unique and different so your hypnotherapist will ask you about
your problem and how it affects your life so that they can understand how

things are exactly for you.


Over several sessions Anna will use relaxation techniques to access your
subconscious to support changing the way you manage your problem. While
she talks to you, you will still be aware of things going on around you.


Treatment sessions focus on enabling you to change the way you think, and
the way you react to any given situation. This will help giv
e you more control

over your body and your personal situation.





£65 - First consultation and personally recorded track

£50 - Follow up, progress discussion and next track

Anna currently sees you face-to-face to discuss your issues and to outline

how she would plan to help you.

She will then record you a hypnotherapy track and send it to you such that you

may begin your therapy in the privacy of your own home.

This approach began as a matter of necessity during the pandemic, and has

actually proven very practical and popular.

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