Anna Franklin M.SC., DC., F.R.C.C. (ORTH)., C.H.

Anna has over 30 years of experience in private practice, over a decade of which have been based in Bransgore.


Anna has a particular interest in helping people gain control over their condition through exercise, and has studied in Prague under some of the great masters of our time. Her Master’s dissertation investigated exercise compliance with different types of exercises prescribed for chronic low back pain sufferers, and she continues to draw on this to help tailor your own programme for your individual circumstances.



A couple of days ago, I received emails from Public Health England and the General Chiropractic Council to explain what changes we might make after 19th July.


The feeling is (and I fully support this, although my heart wants to groan with the best of them) that we are extremenly close contact practitioners, and although double vaccinated, cases are still on the rise. I will continue to protect you by lateral flow testing, wearing full PPE and thoroughly cleaning between each and every patient - and I must equally insist that all my lovely patients continue to wear a mask during treament, as well as bringing in a large towel to cover the couch.

I will not, however, be emailing out consent forms prior to treatment now, as I feel that, in this 2nd year of pandemic, you are all aware of the risk of entering a public buidling and you booking the appointment suggests consent in itself. If you have any particular health concerns, please do let us know if we need to take special precautions for you other than those detailed above.

Ever onwards and upwards!!


Please Bring...


  • Large Towel

  • Face Mask

  • Signed Consent Form

  • Contactless Payment Card

Many of you also know that I am a hypnotherapist too. I am more than happy to do telephone consultations for you and then record and send you hypnotherapy tracks to listen to in your own home.

Please stay in touch, stay safe, and most of all, stay well.

With my very best wishes for a healthier future,

Stay well, stay healthy, call me if you need a chat. Keep an eye on my FB page, Bransgore Chiropractic, for updates


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What We Treat

Some people traditionally associate chiropractors with treating only spinal, or 'bony' conditions. We are all, however, trained to diagnose and treat many physical problems associated with your skeleton, including problems with many different joints, the ligaments that stabilise them, the muscles that move them, and the nerves which control them.


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