Full Reopening

Anna Franklin M.SC., DC., F.R.C.C. (ORTH)., C.H.

Anna has almost 30 years of experience in private practice, over a decade of which have been based in Bransgore.


Anna has a particular interest in helping people gain control over their condition through exercise, and has studied in Prague under some of the great masters of our time. Her Master’s dissertation investigated exercise compliance with different types of exercises prescribed for chronic low back pain sufferers, and she continues to draw on this to help tailor your own programme for your individual circumstances.



As I'm sure you all know, we are now Tier 4. Please rest assured that we remain OPEN as we are an essential service, and you ARE allowed to travel for your appointment. Hygiene remains paramount, with cleaning breaks before and after every patient. I continue to wear full PPE, and would like to remind you to wear a good mask that covers mouth AND nose, and to bring a large towel. Stay safe.


Please Bring...


  • Large Towel

  • Face Mask

  • Signed Consent Form

  • Contactless Payment Card


Hello all! Re the changes in lock-down, I am now permitted to open to ALL patients alike as from Monday. You may now phone Twin Oaks directly to book in as per usual on 01425 672741. Other changes remain - when you book, you will be asked for your email such that I can send you new information and a consent form - if you do not have email, I will ring you to that effect. The waiting room remains shut - you will need to arrive and ring the doorbell so Reception know you are there - then I will come and collect you. You will need a mask or will need to buy one from me, stocks permitting (PLEASE try and source your own), as well as a large towel to help cover the treatment couch. I will still be in full recommended PPE to ensure your treatment is as safe as possible for us all, and cleaning gaps are still being booked between each patient. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Many of you also know that I am a hypnotherapist too. I am more than happy to do telephone consultations for you and then record and send you hypnotherapy tracks to listen to in your own home.

Please stay in touch, stay safe, and most of all, stay well.

With my very best wishes for a healthier future,


Stay well, stay healthy, call me if you need a chat. Keep an eye on my FB page, Bransgore Chiropractic, for updates


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What We Treat

Some people traditionally associate chiropractors with treating only spinal, or 'bony' conditions. We are all, however, trained to diagnose and treat many physical problems associated with your skeleton, including problems with many different joints, the ligaments that stabilise them, the muscles that move them, and the nerves which control them.


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